Commission process 

1. getting started with the photo session

The commission experience begins with a relaxed photo session in your own home, where I spend some time getting to know your child's personality and taking the reference images that I will work from to create the final piece. Children often feel more comfortable in their own surroundings, so this visit allows me to connect with your child where they are happiest and having fun. I find that this leads to more natural looking portraits.

During this visit, I will take hundreds of photos of your child. You and I can look through these photographs together and discuss which images are the strongest and best represent your child’s nature.

Remember to dress your child in the type of clothing which you want reflected in the final portrait. Smart-casual is best; think what they might wear to their birthday party instead of what they’d wear just for play (too casual) or to the wedding of the year (too formal). It’s lovely for them to be comfortable but also looking their Sunday best.

Please allow up to two hours to be set aside for this informal and friendly visit.

2. let the painting begin

First, I create a simple pencil sketch of the chosen image. Then it’s time to get out the paint. I carefully add layers of delicate watercolour, slowly building up intensity and contrast as the portrait begins to develop. I combine realism with a delightful dance of colours and shapes that all pull in together to form a face. There is always a magical moment when the portrait appears to come alive, which is very exciting! I will often use collage to create the child’s clothing, adding whimsical colours and delicate prints to the portrait.

When the portrait is complete, I have the painting professionally double mounted in two soft-white high-quality bevelled mounts, beautifully presented and ready for framing.

This stage of the process has an estimated turnaround time of 4-6 weeks. If you require the portrait to be produced within a tighter timescale for a special occasion, please make a request and I will endeavour to accommodate you.

3. the unveiling

Upon completion we will arrange your portrait reveal session at a time convenient to you. On the day, wherever possible, I will personally deliver the portrait to your home. We will then sit down together in the comfort of your own home and the portrait will be unveiled. My hope is that this will be a truly memorable experience!